NPS relaunches Pharmaceeka, Australia’s LARGEST Pharmacy Talent Marketplace

Nationwide Pharmacy Services (NPS) today announced the relaunch of Pharmaceeka, a fully searchable Pharmacy Talent Marketplace, in an effort to further connect Community Pharmacists with career opportunities within the Pharmacy sector.

Pharmaceeka will allow pharmacists to create profiles on the site, stipulating what their ideal next career move looks like. The site then allows employers to search the Talent Marketplace, view anonymous, profiles and present opportunities to pharmacists whose requirements are an exact match.

Pharmaceeka was acquired by NPS in 2020 after being inactive for a number of years. To address the critical disconnect between staff pharmacists and owners, a cause of the significant staffing issues battering the industry, the site was redeveloped to enable pharmacists to put themselves in the driver’s seat of their careers, and give employers access to potential candidates whose needs they can meet.

“Our intention is that Pharmaceeka will be Australia’s leading resource for both pharmacists and employers; a place where pharmacists can take a real step in their career progression, and where employers can turn to for access to candidates who are clear about what they are looking for next” says Deon Haar, Director at NPS. “It has always been our goal to help pharmacists develop their careers, and to deliver a service where we can assist with the sourcing of quality pharmacists for our clients. We see Pharmaceeka playing a huge part in that, which will hopefully see a reduction in the number of pharmacists leaving the profession, and ease the pressure on owners who are struggling to secure staff in the post-Covid employment landscape.”

New users can use the site immediately via a simple, free, registration process. Existing Pharmaceeka pharmacists and employers need to simply log on, update their profiles (a process that will take less than four minutes) and will be ready to use the site.

For more information, or to register on Pharmaceeka, visit

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