When you pay a recruiter, what are you REALLY paying for?

Speaking with a potential new client on Friday, I was asked why it was “so expensive to just have an email sent with a resume attached”. This was a great opportunity for me to trot out my ever-favourite ‘Diamonds’ analogy. Diamonds are a scarce resource; they are found by exploration companies who buy vast pieces … Read more

October 2020 Newsletter

Should you try to impress on every date? If you think about it, the recruitment process is very much like dating. In essence, there are 2 parties, both want an outcome, so they get involved with someone to see if there is a good fit. Often times, at some point, one of the 2 parties … Read more

You’ve made it to the interview stage …. what to do BEFOREHAND?

So, you have made it to the interview stage …. NOW is the time to start researching several things that will benefit not only your decision-making about the job itself, but the overall opportunity. The Company These days, there is a wealth of information online about organisations (large or small). What do they say about … Read more

The 5 Bee’s of managing during COVID-19

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 will the be most challenging time for most people in their professional lives, and as such it can be easy to get caught in the hysteria, stress and uncertainty of these times. We have compiled our 5 “b’s” of how best to manage during this tough time. 1. Be … Read more