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When you pay a recruiter, what are you REALLY paying for?

Speaking with a potential new client on Friday, I was asked why it was “so expensive to just have an email sent with a resume attached”. This was a great opportunity for me to trot out my ever-favourite ‘Diamonds’ analogy. Diamonds are a scarce resource; they are found by exploration companies who buy vast pieces … Read more

Engagement – it’s not just for couples in love…..

Staff Engagement. Everyone talks about it, but why is it so important, and how do you get it?     There’s no denying that staff engagement is critical to the success of your Pharmacy. Employees who are engaged at work are generally more productive and are less likely to look for better positions with other … Read more

The 5 Bee’s of managing during COVID-19

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 will the be most challenging time for most people in their professional lives, and as such it can be easy to get caught in the hysteria, stress and uncertainty of these times. We have compiled our 5 “b’s” of how best to manage during this tough time. 1. Be … Read more

Nobody applying to your ads? Stop telling, start selling!

I was helping a friend of mine last week, who was recruiting some retail staff for his business (yes it is possible for recruiters to be friends with people who do their own recruitment), and he was complaining at length about the quality of candidates responding to his ad. I told him that when I … Read more

The story of 2 pharmacies and 2 candidates…

When you’re looking for staff, you’ll encounter 2 types of candidates; the really good ones (that you want to hire) and the rest…. for the sake of this story let’s focus on the really good ones. Like a lot of business, recruitment is a supply and demand exercise; the good candidates are often in very … Read more

The Dollars and Cents of buying a Pharmacy

Health lending is entirely different to applying for bank home loan, e.g. there is a big variation between how much lenders will provide towards buying a pharmacy. The range is anywhere between 65% to 80% of the valuation of the pharmacy. This is not only dependant upon the institution but also your own financial situation, … Read more

Preparing your Pharmacy for sale…..

It is not an easy decision when it comes to selling…. so many questions going through your mind, especially if you are selling for the first time. Where to start? What do I need to prepare? Below are some suggestions to help begin the process.   Financial Records: Ensure that you have audited financial statements … Read more

Managing the emotions of buying and selling

Regardless of whether you are selling or buying, this process can bring up a lot of emotions for both parties.   For many sellers, their business has become their baby or long lived project, and they can become extremely emotionally attached. They will have developed relationships with their clients ,customers and staff; they have become … Read more