When you pay a recruiter, what are you REALLY paying for?

Speaking with a potential new client on Friday, I was asked why it was “so expensive to just have an email sent with a resume attached”. This was a great opportunity for me to trot out my ever-favourite ‘Diamonds’ analogy. Diamonds are a scarce resource; they are found by exploration companies who buy vast pieces … Read more

#2722 – West of Sydney CBD

#2722 – West of Sydney CBD Great entry-level Pharmacy at a fantastic price! Seeking offers between $350,000 to $450,000 Sales FY 2017 in excess of $400,000 Rx Scripts on average approx 50 per day Easy to operate pharmacy in high growth area Due to the confidential nature of this pharmacy sale, all buyers’ names will … Read more

#2725 East Kimberley region of Western Australia

#2725 East Kimberley region of Western Australia Seeking offers between $725,000 to $750,000 This Pharmacy has just secured the tender to supply the local hospital for the next 5 years! This will have a significant growth on turnover with new 100 Webster packs, new patients dispensing their scripts plus charge on the S100 program. Sales … Read more