Regardless of whether you are selling or buying, this process can bring up a lot of emotions for both parties.


For many sellers, their business has become their baby or long lived project, and they can become extremely emotionally attached. They will have developed relationships with their clients ,customers and staff; they have become part of the community so they have all sorts of emotions going on and million thoughts going on in their head. We as brokers need to be aware of these, and carefully manage these emotions. We do this by listening to what they are saying and finding out what is most important to them in the sale process.


Now for buyers, there is a whole different lot of emotions that take place, especially if it is their first business. This is a BIG step – they are excited but also cautious, as many buyers need to borrow money, which comes with a lot of questions. We as brokers again need to listen to the buyer and find out what it is they are actually looking for. We might think they are looking for a business however they are looking for so much more and this can be a big investment.


Every party involved needs to realise that emotions can run high on both ends of the sale and listen to both sides, this is why it is a huge benefit using a broker who is able to take some of the emotions away from both sides.


At Nationwide Pharmacy Services, we have up to 97% success rate in settled sales; we listen, and develop long standing relationships with our sellers and buyers.